Truths about Solo Travel

Truths about Solo Travel

You’ve probably heard many things about solo travel. These could be influencing your decision to travel alone. But, before you decide whether to travel solo or not, you need to know some truths about solo travel. Many people that have traveled alone have realized that it can be an empowering and exciting experience for varied reasons.

These include the following:

Solo Travel is Normal

In fact, solo travel is just like drinking your coffee every morning. The only difference is that people have a bad perception towards it. That’s why you might be surprised when somebody tells you that they are traveling alone. But, unless you experience solo travel, you will never see it like something normal.

Solo Travel is empowering

Many people are nervous about their first solo trip. This is human. However, when you get off the plane, enormous weight will leave your shoulders. You will feel empowered. This is an amazing feeling that every traveler wants to experience.

Solo Travel is liberating

When you travel alone, you feel liberated and inspired. Traveling alone generates unique creative sparks. It makes you a voracious writer. In most cases, you find writing about your travel experiences easy when traveling alone than when you travel with other people.

Traveling alone is Safe

Many people fear their safety when it comes to traveling alone. It’s possible for bad things to happen when traveling alone. However, there is a low risk of being a crime victim when traveling alone. You just need to take sensible and reasonable safety precaution when traveling alone just like you would when traveling with other people.

It’s Different for Women and Men  

Solo women travelers face challenges that are different from those of solo men travelers. That’s because women face awkward situations like being cat called when walking innocently down the street during the day. Guys on the other hand are likely to be sucked into random brawls in bars while outing.

Generally, these are some of the truths that you should know about solo travel. Have them in mind next time you go on a solo trip to enjoy a better solo travel experience.

Top Reasons Tourists Love Traveling

Top Reasons Tourists Love Traveling

Perhaps, you have wondered why tourists leave their countries or homes to voyage to different parts of the world. Tourists have different reasons for loving traveling. Majority of them are generally personal.

Here are the major reasons why tourists love traveling:

Traveling is challenging

Sometimes, you can feel stuck in your daily routine. Traveling enables you to experience something different and exciting. Some tourists love traveling because it gives them a chance to face new challenges and experiences. They test themselves when they travel. Traveling pushes people to limits while getting them outside the comfort zones.

Learning Experiences

Many tourists love traveling because it brings useful learning experiences. When you travel, you explore. Your eyes become more open and you learn to appreciate life. For instance, you learn that not all people are free or lucky as you are. Every travel destination has unique lessons for tourists.

Expanding Perspectives

Tourists love traveling because it expands their perspectives. It opens up their minds. When you travel, you learn that there is no single, right way to live. You meet people whose perspectives are completely different from yours. You realize that some people see everything from family to work differently. This broadens your perspective.

Get in Touch with Self

Tourists love traveling because it enables them to get in touch with themselves. Being away from home provides a chance to reflect on life. It gives you the space and time that you need to take stock and let the mind wander. You get a chance to learn about yourself when you travel.

Basically, each tourist loves traveling for unique reasons. However, the experience is always amazing. When you travel, you come back home changed. You are energized and prepared to take on new challenges. This adventure or escape enables you to appreciate life and what you have as well as strategize.

Tips for Your First Solo Adventure

Tips for Your First Solo Adventure

Traveling solo seems like a pretty daunting task. This fear stops some people from traveling alone. However, this should not be the case. Although solo travel can be nerve-racking, it is an exciting and rewarding experience. This is an experience that you should enjoy at least once in your life.

Here are useful tips to guide you during your first solo adventure:

Conduct Research

Use the internet to find out more about your travel destination. This will enable you to plan your trip around your needs. It’s however important to avoid coming up with a rigid itinerary. Make sure that you conduct extensive research to know the best places to visit and plan your itinerary leaving room for flexibility. Conduct research on your travel destination, accommodation, and transportation. Also find out about the best places to get help from in case you need it while traveling.

Start Small

When going on your first solo adventure, don’t plan a whole month’s trip. Instead, start with a two night’s adventure. Two days may seem like a very short time for a traveler. However, they are enough to explore a city. They are also sufficiently long to get lost or endure homesickness.

Use Common Sense

Things can happen when you travel alone but this doesn’t make it riskier than traveling with others. Nevertheless, when you use common sense, pay attention, and trust your guts, you are bound to be fine. Essentially, trust your instincts all the time and pay attention to personal belongings.

Interact with the Locals

When you travel alone, you become more approachable to the locals. This gives a better chance to interact with them and learn more about them. However, do this in public places for safety purposes. What’s more, avoid disclosing personal information to strangers.

Let Your Family or Friends Know Your Whereabouts

Keep in touch with family and friends when you travel solo. Let them know where you are and where you are going. This will give them peace of mind and enable them to find you with ease just in case something unexpected happens.

Follow these useful tips to make your first solo adventure safe and successful.

Common Characteristics of Seasoned Travelers

Common Characteristics of Seasoned Travelers

There are common characteristics that seasoned travelers depict. One day while traveling on a train with a group of friends, a man explained to me that he travels at least 4 times out of the year, as he has a auto glass shop and multiple businesses and happens to have the leisure of lots of traveling when he feels its due. While taking a sip of his whiskey he explained to me that “eventually you will notice that one thing in everybody that loves traveling”, and he looked into the far left, but he never told me the exact note, but perhaps, this was a sign and can be attributed to the fact that traveling changes people for better, and I have to agree with that as its changed me the my best, its a blessing.

Here are the common characteristics that set seasoned travelers apart:

They are Adventurous

In most cases, traveling entails venturing out to the unknown. Travelers go to new places where they meet new people and engage in new activities. Seasoned travelers have an adventurous spirit. This is part of them and it’s what makes them travel more.

They are Empathetic

Seasoned travelers have a strong empathy sense. It is the culmination of their diverse experiences, diversity of the other people that they meet and the different cultures that they encounter. In some countries, they encounter abject poverty and share different stories with strangers. Their encounters and experiences make them appreciate and accept differences among individuals.

They are Curious

Seasoned travelers are interested in learning. They meet people at their destinations from whom they learn new things. Some of their encounters and experiences make them intensely curious. They always want to learn about new skills and cultures among others.

They Welcome Change

This is the culture of seasoned travelers. In fact, change is the only thing that is constant for seasoned travelers. That’s because they are always surrounded by new places and new people. This teaches them to welcome change in every situation.

They Have Higher Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the awareness and knowledge of your character and personality. It makes understanding yourself better as well as how other people perceive you. This awareness is largely shaped by your experiences. Seasoned travelers draw from different experiences because self-awareness relates to cultures and people. Traveling more often as well as reflecting on different experiences enables seasoned travelers to have higher self-awareness.

These are some of the common characteristics that you will notice among seasoned travelers. They are also the reasons you should travel more often.

Things to Expect when Traveling Alone

Are you planning to travel alone? If yes, you definitely want to know the things that you can expect during solo travel. Just like when traveling with other people, you will have experiences. However, your experiences will mostly be different.

Here are some of the things that you should expect when you travel alone:

You will Have Fun

Once you leave your home and go on a trip, you will have many things to enjoy. You just need to have the right attitude. Generally, you will meet many people from all walks of life. Your interactions with these people will show you that some of them are truly amazing and inspiring. Just interact with the right people and you will have fun during your solo trip. After all, that’s what solo travel is all about. Meeting new people and having fun away from home.

You’ll Be Confident and Strong

At first, you will find navigating through the bus, metro, or train system challenging. This combined with language barrier and your efforts to make things work out can make solo travel challenging at first. Generally, it will start off as hectic, chaotic, and hilarious. However, this chaos will strengthen you. It’s the strength to go on that will build your confidence. That’s because you will be required to make decisions quickly and take actions fast in some cases. You will learn from mistakes and come back from the trip a stronger and more confident person.

There Will Be Times to Feel Alone

Homesickness is normal when traveling alone for several days. It’s unavoidable. However, what matters is how you handle it. For instance, you can use Skype and social networks to connect with friends and family. You can also watch movies or read books when you feel alone. But, what’s important is the realization that happiness should come from within not from other people. Therefore, cheer yourself up and enjoy solo travel.

You’ll Have More Freedom

Traveling alone is freedom. You make decision on what to do and how to spend your time without consulting anyone. Solo travel is about you and what makes you happy. So, go ahead and enjoy the freedom that comes with solo travel.

You’ll Learn Skills

You will come across opportunities for learning different skills when you travel alone. For instance, you become a good observer because most things will be foreign to you. You will also be more approachable to the locals. This will give you a chance to learn their language and culture.

These are some of the things to expect when traveling alone. Having them in mind will make your solo travel experience more fulfilling. Check out one of my favorite booking sites at

Things you should know about Australia before going

Australia. This is a popular country and many people are visiting the country all the time. However, because of television shows, many people have a misconception about Australia and they are ending up being disappointed. This doesn’t need to be like this. With the right knowledge about Australia, you will know everything there is to know to ensure that you have the best time during your Australian holiday. These are things that you should know about this country before you are going there.

The weather is hot, most of the time

If you don’t like the heat and warm sunny days, then you should not visit Australia. This is a really warm country where the sun is shining most of the time. Wearing sunblock is recommended, especially if you are coming from a country that is cold and snowing.

People aren’t used to this type of weather and most of them are struggling to enjoy their holiday in the warm weather. You should make sure that you and your body will be able to adjust to the heat before you decide to visit Australia.

Australia is a very large country

Something that not many people realize, is that Australia is a very large country. There are always just a couple of towns and cities that you might know about Australia. However, when you are in the country, you will realize that the country is much larger than what you might have thought.

And, if you are considering to travel all over Australia, you need to make sure that you have enough time to go to all the places that you want to see. People with a limited time, won’t be able to see as much as what they have hoped for.

Learn their slang language

Yes, Australia is speaking English. However, they are speaking a completely different type of English. They have lots of slang words that normal English-speaking people don’t understand.

This is why it is recommended that you learn the slang language before you are going to Australia. Otherwise, it might feel if they are speaking a language that you don’t understand.

You won’t see dangerous wildlife everywhere in Australia

On television, they always show the dangerous wildlife in Australia. Those animals and insects that will kill you within seconds. However, this is something that you actually don’t need to worry about. There aren’t many places in Australia where you will find the dangerous wildlife, and you can enjoy your stay without worrying about dying because of a bite from a dangerous creature.

Australia is a great tourist destination that you can enjoy. However, there are a couple of things that you should make sure about before you are traveling there. This is the only way to make sure that you know what to expect and that you are ready for the warm weather that can make many foreigners sick. This is why this mentioned information is so important to know before you are traveling to Australia.