Travel Burnout- What You Should Know

After traveling for some time, you may feel like you are getting tired. This can be a sign of travel burnout or travel fatigue. Burnout is basically defined as physical or mental collapse caused by stress or overwork.

If you feel exhausted or dejected yet you have just woken up, it could a sign of burnout. Burnout can make you feel like giving up on the travel activities you had planned for the day. That’s because it makes you feel like spending all your time crawling under your bed covers. Essentially, travel burnout makes you feel like you should not move at all. Almost every traveler gets this experience at some point especially after being on a trip for several days or months.

Travel Burnout Causes

You have most likely heard people talk about burnout in college or at work. Some may associate burnout with daily life stresses. In most cases, people travel to de-stress. However, burnout can hit you even when traveling or backpacking. This can be surprising because you don’t expect travel to be stressful or cause burnout. But, travel burnout is real.

Here are the two major causes of travel burnout: 

  • Failure to escape home life mentally- You may be away from home physically but your mind could still be stuck at home or in life and work issues. This make you stressed and eventually cause travel burnout.
  • Fat travel- Attempt to travel to every city within a few days or see more attractions can leave you with travel burnout. Traveling very fast may be better than being stuck in an office chair from 9 to 5. However, it can cause stress which can lead to travel burnout.

Basically, travel burnout has different causes. Unfortunately, it can ruin your trip if you don’t know how to prevent or manage it. But, the best way to avoid travel burnout is to forget your home and workplace troubles and focus on enjoying your trip.

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