What to Do If You Get Sick When Traveling Abroad

What to Do If You Get Sick When Traveling Abroad

When visiting new surroundings, it is easy to get sick. Apart from just the change of weather, there are several other elements in new environments that can cause sickness. The sad part is that you may not always see the signs early. That is why it is always advisable that when planning a trip abroad, you should be enlightened on the steps to take in case you fall sick. The following are tips on how to proceed whenever you get sick while traveling abroad.

Seek First Aid

There are several minor illnesses that can be easily solved with a first aid kit. Although most travelers usually ignore packing a first aid kit, it can come really in handy when you get sick on the road. A well stocked first aid kit should contain medications for common infections like cold and flu as well as painkillers and supplies for small injuries. In case the sickness can be treated with the medications in the first aid kit, simply take them.

Keep your Insurance and Identification Documents Around

You never know the toll that the sickness might have on you. To make it easier for the people around to assist, have your insurance card and identification documents in hand. If you are traveling with kids, be sure to also keep their documents ready for help in the event of an emergency.

Contact the Embassy or Consulate

In serious medical situations, it is always advisable to contact the US embassy or consulate in the country you are visiting. The embassy can make arrangements for immediate medical assistance and also inform your family and friends about the situation. However, you will be responsible for all the bills incurred.

For illnesses and injuries that are not too serious and can be easily treated locally like sunburns and falls, it is advisable to simply seek help from the local doctors or pharmacies. Besides, you should also take preventive measures like plenty of rest and drinking lots of clean water when traveling.


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